Friday, 10 August 2012

string pictures

hi !

This is not too difficult but works out brillianly .

All you need is an old piece of wood  (mine was 38 cm by 50) , hammer and small nails or tacks , brown paint and some coloured embroidery thread.

1) paint the old wood brown, both sides  .

2) leave to dry .

3) cover your board with one piece of news paper and draw a shape on it . GO OUTSIDE (to prevent holes from being smashed into your expensive kitchen table , like my sister did) and hammer nails into your board using the shape as a guideline . leave a one cm gap between the nails .

4) pull out the newspaper from under the nails and admire your amazing hammering skills.

5) with  your colored embroidery thread, knot one end of the string around a nail and wind it around different nails in a random pattern . To finish just knot it on another nail.

you are done !

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

chocolate bisciut cake

hello everybody !

this chocolate biscuit cake is brilliant for 2 reasons
1) it is possibly the easiest thing to make in the universe
2) it keeps for ages in the fridge
here is how you do it !
200g butter
200g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
4 tbsp of golden syrup 

Melt all together

Add 400g of crushed digestive biscuits.  If it looks too runny add a couple more crushed biscuits until it looks right.

Put in a tin lined with greaseproof paper

Melt some milk chocolate, or white chocolate, or both and swirl over the top.

Put in the fridge

Yummmy xxxxx                  here is my sister after patting the cake down to make it smooth!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Greek Fig Tart

Hi!  This recipe is a brilliant recipe, I started making it at Marlborough Summer School where I did a cooking class.  The tutors have a recipe book called Hands On Help to Delicious Food by Sarah Powell and Tessa Buckwell.  It is brilliant, I recommend you get it if you love cooking.

This tart is delicious because the figs and goats cheese go really well and the black pepper I have added gives it a real tang.  I have served it as a starter in the past but it could be a dessert or a main as well so it is a very versitile dish.

Heat up the oven to 220c

For each mini-tart:

1.  Prepare a puff pastry sheet to a square 12cm by 12cm (you can use bigger if you want a main course) about one pound coin thick.

2. Using a sharp knife draw a 2cm border inside the pastry and use a fork to prick the area of pastry inside the lines.

3. Lay some slices of goats cheese on the pricked surface and then lay a sliced fig on top of that in overlapping lines.  Add salt and fresh black pepper and sprinkle on a few thyme leaves.

4.  Brush the border with beaten egg and bake for 15 to 20 minutes until well risen

5.  Brush or drizzle with warmed greek honey (you don't have to use greek honey, normal runny honey will work).

Have fun making and eating this delicious tart.

Fimo lollipops

Hello its me !!
Here is an awesome idiea for fimo lollipops there are just 5 easy steps to follow .

1)Roll out colous of Fimo or Polymer clay into three long strips (use pieces about the size of the top of your index finger).

2) Twist all the strands together.  Roll them into one long smooth strand.  Don't worry if your strand is smaller in places than other bits

3) Coil the strand into a circle, starting in the middle and working outwards.

4)  Poke a hole with a cocktail stick where the hole would be on a lollipop for a stick.

5) Bake at 160c for 10 to 15 minutes and when cold put some glue in the hole and poke a small cocktail stick in the hole and leave to dry.