Friday, 10 August 2012

string pictures

hi !

This is not too difficult but works out brillianly .

All you need is an old piece of wood  (mine was 38 cm by 50) , hammer and small nails or tacks , brown paint and some coloured embroidery thread.

1) paint the old wood brown, both sides  .

2) leave to dry .

3) cover your board with one piece of news paper and draw a shape on it . GO OUTSIDE (to prevent holes from being smashed into your expensive kitchen table , like my sister did) and hammer nails into your board using the shape as a guideline . leave a one cm gap between the nails .

4) pull out the newspaper from under the nails and admire your amazing hammering skills.

5) with  your colored embroidery thread, knot one end of the string around a nail and wind it around different nails in a random pattern . To finish just knot it on another nail.

you are done !


  1. What a great idea, this would look brilliant as a piece of art for the bedroom. Hope you had a great birthday party yesterday!

  2. I think all your stuff is very creative and especially like the string picture. I don't think Dad would like it if I nailed his table! Love from Eve xxx